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About Enemies of Mordor

The Enemies of Mordor unite here!

Together we can save Middle Earth from destruction, And have fun while doing it! We are a multi-race kinship that likes to work together doing all things LOTRO. EoM strives to be a friendly and helpful kinship. We do not tolerate any kind of abusive behavior from fellow kin members and strive to remain a family freindly group. We have all the perks a kinship can have; kinship mail, auctions, Raid Call channel and a Facebook page... as well as a really cool house.

Members, be sure to check the calendar and rapid raid tabs for events and gatherings. Have any ideas or suggestions? Please make use of the suggestion box below we are always open to new ideas so dont be shy drop us a note! Also please feel free to vote in one of our polls. When you have time, check out the 'sticky' Fourm's in the Member Discussoin Tab and fill out any relevent info. there.

Non-members who would like to join, click the link to the left or contact one of our officers in-game. Ask for someone for EoM on world chat as there is always some of us online.

So let's get out there and quest, craft, roleplay, skirmish or just ride your horse (or goat) around and explore all that Middle Earth has to offer. Whatever draws you to Middle Earth just remember have FUN doing it!

Our Facebook page is under our name, Enemies of Mordor. Our Raid Call channel number is: 5642009.

Thank you all for checking out our site!


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EoM disbanding

by Caddellclan101, 126 days ago

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